Gestion de project
Développement d'applications
Développement site internet
Audit architecture, code, base de données
Développement application mobile
Formation Français/Anglais
"Un développement cross-plateforme avec un code unique" 
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Window Phone, Terminaux industriels 

AroundSoft est une société internationale de service du numérique expert sur les technologies PCSOFT, qui propose son expertise dans toutes les phases de développement de votre projet

AGL de Développement pour les applications Window, Linux, Mac 
AGL de Développement de site internet
AGL de Développement d'application mobile, Android, Ios, Windows phone
Nos prestations
Nouveau projet, évolutions, corrections
Pilotage de projet/ formation
TMA, Gestion de projet, SCRUM formation
Architecture, ergonomie, code, base de données
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Recommandation client

Evolute AG 

“Dedication and diligence.

I would use these two words to describe Laurent's approach to work.

I started working with Laurent close to twoyears ago and immediately he became a critical member of the team. He'savailability and his ability to work fast were highly valued in a fast paceenvironment as is software development. The context where Laurent had todevelop his work was not the easiest one as the team where he was assigned towas located in 4 different countries, hence the ability to work remotelyefficiently was paramount to the success of the project, Laurent accomplishedit in an excellent way. 

Working with Laurent was a pleasure during those twoyears. I would definitely recommend working with AroundSoft.”